Principal's welcome


Hi, my name is Michael Josey and I am the Principal privileged enough to continue the leadership of this amazing school-community into the future. I am deeply passionate about utilising education as one of the most critical planks for shaping our future generations in a way that inspires, nurtures and supports these beautiful young lives.

My leadership will also be about how we build a culture that promotes student growth by developing their courage to take risks, learn from mistakes and work closely with others around them. It will be a culture that coaches an understanding that students can be resources for their own learning – moving them away from a dependency based model of learning where ‘all learning comes from the teacher’.

Nelson Mandela is quoted in saying, 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world'. A school distracted away from this message is a school that has lost its vision and purpose. This is also reflected in Education Queensland’s mantra that ‘Every Day Counts’. This message is not just about academic performance but about how our collaborative empowerment as a human race can make our world better for everybody.

The Benowa Way:

  • Be a learner
  • Be respectful
  • Be safe
  • Be proud

are the guiding principles that underpin the culture of what we value and uphold to ensure that every day does count in our school.

Benowa State School has a proven history of connection with its local community, deeply rooted in the many ongoing generations that proudly return to this school for a continuing partnership in quality education that they so fondly remember and have personally experienced.

This experience in education is woven into a significantly diverse and rich tapestry of multicultural backgrounds. This diversity is mapped across the globe, from Cook Islanders, Italian, Portuguese, Middle Eastern, Asian and Scandinavian. In our last count over 40 different languages other than English were spoken at home as the family’s first language.

This is what makes Benowa State School an exciting school. The experiences and learning that broaden the student’s understanding of the world through its enrolment combined with the deeply established high expectations for achievement is what creates Benowa’s badge of honour for a place of world class education.

If you are looking for a school and educational experience that places the student at the core of all its focus and decision making then I would invite you to call me and discuss what we can do to meet the needs of your family.

Last reviewed 27 May 2019
Last updated 27 May 2019