School Chaplain


​​Our School Chaplain offers support to students, families and school staff where welfare, pastoral and/or spiritual wellbeing is needed. Our Chaplain is at school three days per week and runs several programs to assist students develop and strengthen social and emotional wellbeing. 

Chaplaincy provides support on many issues that students or families may be facing. These include anxiety, bullying, friendship issues, financial hardship and dealing with grief due to change, loss or death in their lives.

The role of a School Chaplain

  • The School Chaplain is a safe person for young people to connect with at school, providing a listening ear, caring presence, and message of hope.
  • Chaplains care for students struggling with relationships, peer pressure and self-esteem issues, family breakdown, bullying, etc.
  • Chaplains run positive, fun activities for young people, both in and out of school, and foster a supportive, caring school community.
  • Chaplains provide support for students, staff and families from the wider school community.
  • Chaplains foster partnerships between the school, local churches, businesses and community organizations, to provide a network of local support and assistance.
  • Chaplains are available to attend school camps.
  • Chaplains provide spiritual direction to the school community.
  • Chaplains work alongside and in conjunction with the existing and growing support team within the school.
  • Chaplains encourage a volunteering mindset, engaging students in activities within the community.

When is the Chaplain available?

The School Chaplain is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To find out more information about the School Chaplain and the current programs implemented in our school, download the chaplaincy brochure (PDF, 20 KB).

For more information, please review the School Chaplaincy Policy Statement here.

Programs run by our Chaplain:

Seasons for Growth
Is an 8-week program for students experiencing grief, loss or change. Our Chaplain is a trained facilitator of the program and takes a group of 6-8 students to help them understand grief and provide some strategies in dealing with their loss. By offering students a safe space to come together and share their experiences, the program focuses on strengthening the social and emotional wellbeing of students following significant change or loss in their lives, using the seasons of the year as a guide.

Go-N- Run
The Go N Run Running Club aims to give students an opportunity to run on the school oval before school, allowing them to exercise and expand some energy, all while promoting a community of students who encourage one another as they achieve different stages program. Badges are achieved at each increment which allow students to achieve their personal best. The program runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00am - 8:25 am on the top oval.

Starfish Club
Facilitated by the chaplain and run by Year 6 peer support students, the Starfish Club is designed for students in Years 1 - 2. Though games and activities, the Starfish Club promotes social inclusion, developing of friendships and supports Benowa State School's positive play environment. Starfish Club runs at first break every Wednesday and Thursday in the School hall.


The Petite Sisterhood Program  
What difference can one little girl make in a world full of problems? As Mother Theresa said, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love." The Petite Sisterhood Program is designed to teach girls the concept that, 'just because you are little doesn't mean that you can't make the world a better place'. Over eight sessions, we engage a small group Year 1 girls, to build on their understanding of w​​hat it means to be kind and teach them how to do small things with great love – in their school, their family, their community and their world. A mix of crafts, games and experiments explore the concept of kindness, as well as provide practical ways in which the girls can make a difference. 


The Pineapple Play Club
The Pineapple Play Club is a lunchtime play club run by Year 3 students who mentor and lead students from Prep to Year 2 by engaging them in fun play and role modelling social skills. It is a great environment for those who are also seeking to make friendships and have a safe fun environment to play in. It is held every Tuesday outside the Year 1 classrooms at First Break. Children are able to engage in reading, block building, dress-ups, nature textile play and more.​

Last reviewed 02 December 2021
Last updated 02 December 2021