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We are proud to announce that ScopeIT Education is coming to Benowa State School!
Here at Benowa State School, we believe our students should be receiving an education on the fundamentals of the technology that is a huge part of their present and will undoubtedly feature in their future, no matter what dream they follow!
That is why we are so pleased to inform you that we have found a program that will teach our students the technology skills that will provide them with a huge advantage as they continue their schooling and then enter the workforce in the future.
Here at school, we can teach the students how to engage with technology and incorporate it into their school work. We know that the students can use technology to play games and ‘generally consume’ the apps and websites available to them, but ScopeIT Education can offer our students a computer coding program that takes their education one step further. ScopeIT can extend our students learning in technology to include:

    How the internet works
    How to build basic apps, websites and other computer programs
    Safe use of the internet
    Logical thinking, problem solving techniques and creative design using technology
    3D printing and robotics
We strongly believe our students should participate in this program as the benefits will complement their education today and will arm them for their 21st century future.
In this ever-changing area, we have a responsibility to provide our students with an education that is current and progressive. ScopeIT Education remains on the cutting-edge in technology developments so our children will gain the best possible knowledge for their future.
Hands-on learning Courses feature fun puzzles and interactive games. The students will learn about the ‘engine’ that drives computers in a way that relates to what they already know about technology and their devices. Over time, students will actually be coding apps and printing 3D objects in class.
Creators, not consumers Students are spending increasing amounts of time on electronic devices but they are missing the underlying principles of how they work. Through learning computational thinking, design and reasoning, we show them how to be creators of technology! That’s what ScopeIT Education can do for us!
We believe the ScopeIT program is outstanding value for money, with state of the art equipment as well as technology instructors who can guide our students.
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